Yum! Mmmm! Que Rico!

Written by Pat Mora

Lee and Lowe Books 2008

Peanuts, blueberries, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and more-here is a luscious collection of haiku celebrating foods native to the Americas. Brimming with imagination and fun, these poems capture the tasty essence of foods that have delighted, united, and enriched our lives for centuries. Exuberant illustrations bring to life the delicious spirit of the haiku, making Yum! ¡Mmm! ¡Qué Rico! America's Sproutings an eye-popping, mouth-watering treat. Open it and dig in!


Américas Award for Children’s Literature 


ALA Notable Book


Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year


Texas Bluebonnet Award


Chicago Public Library's Best of the Books


Great Lakes Great Books Award



"The sense of whimsy is further underscored in López’s colorful acrylic on wood-panel illustrations. Artful compositions and brilliant complementary colors bear out the book’s multicultural themes. The art conveys an infectious sense of fun, as smiling suns and moons beam down upon happy children and animals, along with a

trumpet-wielding peanut-butter sandwich and a dancing pineapple”. 

School Library Journal 2008

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